Would you throw $5,000 or more a year away knowingly?
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It's happening every day all around you. People who have been in their homes for as little as five years have started to build up some large amounts of equity and if you aren't taking advantage of it it's just like throwing money away. What would you spend an extra $5,000 a year on?

What if your home is mostly paid off or even completely paid off? Are you sitting on a ton of equity and you are not even aware it could earn you 5%, 10% or even higher interest returns every year? If you don't know this you are literally throwing away YOUR money.

Many people are counting on the equity in their homes as the main source for their retirement funds don't realize they can start taking advantage of some of it now! By taking advantage of secured Personal Line of Credit (PLC) or Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC's) you can access up to 75% of your total value of your property. This 75% value includes any mortgages you may have on the property. As an example if you have a $200,000 home with a $100,000 mortgage you could get up to a $50,000 PLC on the property.

The important aspect of these PLC's is that unlike a mortgage where full payments have to be made each month, you only have to make interest payments on a Line of Credit. And if the Line of Credit is secured by the property as mentioned above, the interest rate is usually prime, or slightly below! That means on $25,000 at 6.5%, your monthly interest only payment would be $135.42!!
Now if you could make 10% on the $25,000 in a quality investment you would be a full 3.5% ahead. So what if you could make an even higher return than the 10%? Well it's possible in Real Estate to achieve that!

Now I must warn you that the use of a PLC for investment purposes is considered a fairly aggressive investment technique and is prone to the risk of the Real Estate market. Before pursuing this you should very seriously consider the risk versus rewards in your particular scenario.
If you are tired of letting YOUR money slip away call us today to discuss how you can take advantage of your equity instead of just throwing money away. Call us today at 403-870-4663 or email us at info@housez.ca and let's get you some cash back in your pocket!

Bill and Karen Biko
KatSid Housez Inc.
Calgary, Alberta