Spring, Winter, Summer, and Fall of investing!!!
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Like everything else in life, Real Estate goes through a cycle of highs and lows. In the investing community they are commonly referred to as the seasons. Much like the farmers who plant their crops in the spring, Real Estate investors buy property in Real Estate Spring which is when the market is on an upswing. During this time the investors like to buy as much property as they can since they know it will grow and increase in value. Similar to farmers rushing to get their crops in.

After Spring of course comes Summer when the farmers water and care for their crops. For the Real Estate investor this is a time for maintenance and taking care of his or her investments. This Real Estate Summer can be many years in length, or just a year or two. The "seasoned" investor knows to keep an eye on the fundamentals that may affect the length of this Summer.

Of course after Summer comes the Fall when the farmers harvest their crops. This is the time that the Real Estate investors use to sell off their harvest of property and take advantage of the growth they have seen in the market. It's a great time for the investor if they have been diligent about building up their crop of property and properly maintaining them.

Finally comes Winter, this is when the farmer gets to rest a bit and prepare for the next Spring. For the investor this is usually the time for a couple of nice vacations and rest, but is also a time for preparing for the next Spring or buying season as well.

Unlike the real seasons which only last for one year, the seasons of Real Estate can each last many years. In fact the Real Estate Spring in Alberta has been running for almost ten years already and still has a strong run of growth ahead of it!

Bill and Karen Biko
KatSid Housez Inc.
Calgary, Alberta