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Referrals? Tell us more!

Discover how some of our innovative referral programs can help you, along with otherr home buyers, sellers and tenants. Let's start with the home buyer program.

Home Buyer Referral Program

If you know someone who is presently looking for a new home and you refer them to us and they end up purchasing one of our properties we will reward you with a $1000 bonus that is split between you and the buyer. When the property closes the referrer will receive a $500 cheque from KatSid Housez Inc. and the purchaser has the option of either receiving a $500 reduction in price, a $500 cheque, or if they are extremely happy with whoever referred them to that house, they may prefer we pay the referrer with a second $500 cheque!!

Everyone knows someone who is moving or thinking about it, so why not take advantage of this and have them look at one of our properties. You may just receive $500 for talking for ten minutes and make one of your friends or acquaintances very happy. If you don't think you need that type of payment just for talking let us know what portion of the cheque you would like to receive and KatSid Housez will make the remainder of the $500 out to the charity of your choice.

Home Seller Referral Program

If you know someone who is in the process of selling their property or even thinking about selling their property KatSid Housez Inc also has a referral program for this situation. All you have to do is provide the seller with our name and phone number and have them contact us. When the seller contacts us he will simply mention that he was referred to us by you and if the referral leads to us purchasing the referred property we will reward you with a $250 cheque. You may wish to ensure the seller has your name and address handy so that we have an address to mail your referral cheque to!

Tenant Referral Program

If you presently know of someone who is actively looking for a place to rent and you are sure they would make a fine tenant, we also have referral rewards for this. If you are able to provide us with a tenant who qualifies for our property and signs a one year lease we offer a $100 reward. This tenant does have to pass our screening criteria, and be a qualified renter so please ensure you are referring people you would rent to if you were in our position. We quite thoroughly check all possible tenants as we need to ensure the safety of our property and our investor's money.

If you have any questions for us regarding any of these programs please email us at mailto:info@housez.caand just included referral question in the subject line along with which referral program you require further information on.

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