Timing the Real Estate Market

The Future is now!!!

Have you ever wished you had known the future? Maybe you, just like me, have you your vast knowledge of things you have missed out on to say, if only I knew then, what I know now?

Too many times we have been able to take advantage of hindsight to say wow I wish I could have done that again. Now you have an opportunity to look forward, towards the future and not have to look back at another missed opportunity.

Alberta is in the middle of a huge opportunity for people to take action and make that step towards creating their own retirement fund. It's not that hard to look at the numbers, to look at the forecasts even to look at the economic data out there to see that the timing in Alberta is incredible.

With no Provincial debt, a huge upside to the Oil industry, tons of excess money available to the government, no shortage of jobs, only workers, Alberta is becoming an even bigger opportunity to increase your wealth. As all this money pours in and all the workers come to fill the jobs (or wages increase to attract even more) the rental market and the housing market in Alberta will continue to grow.

Now we know this cannot last forever, but there is a good ten years ahead at this pace, so some people can sit back and in ten years say once again, if only I knew then, what I know now? Or the people who have the vision, who can see what is going on can sit back in ten years and say, I'm glad I saw then what was going to happen now!!


Bill and Karen Biko
KatSid Housez Inc.
Calgary, Alberta