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Katsid Housez is a local Calgary company that specializes in property renovations, property management, and Real Estate Investing in the Calgary Real Estate Market since 2003. We have the skills to not only find good properties in the fast moving Calgary Real Estate market, but also the skills and contacts to take the property we purchase and turn them into outstanding rental properties with impeccable property management, or beautiful homes for resale.

The experience we have gained through all of the projects we have gone through during this time allows us to provide our buyers and renters with quality homes that will provide many years of happiness. Each home we buy, renovate and work with becomes better and better than the last one guaranteeing the tenant or new home buyer a great experience.

KatSid was started as the brainchild of Karen and Bill Biko and brings together the unique skill sets of both individuals. Karen’s creative background in Interior Design, Project Management and general attention to detail help create the perfect home while Bill’s background of Sales, Management and dealing with numbers ensures the properties end up where they need to be financially. Working together and adding the skills of the other people behind the scenes you can be assured of a quality product when the work is done.

Due to KatSid Housez success’s over the years it has helped to partner and create two other companies that deal very closely with them. Homefront Properties was started in 2004 as a partnership with Canyon Creek Developments and handles many of our long term rental properties as well as several renovation/resale properties.  A third company Essential Properties was developed in 2006 to also assist with the continuing growth of the Calgary Real Estate Market and the non-stop success of KatSid Housez Inc.

The success of any company is dependent on having great partners to work with and the team of Lawyers, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Appraisers and Contractors that KatSid and its sister companies have created help continue this trend. As we bring more and more partners into our circle we continue to grow and create safe dependable homes for people.

Another area of success has been the great investment opportunities we have been able to offer to people. Although providing great returns to investors, Real Estate investments can be time consuming and over whelming to someone not fully aware of all of the aspects, pitfalls and traps. In addition the risks can be huge to someone inexperienced. KatSid Housez is able to take the time constraints away from individuals and create excellent opportunities for arm chair investors who are looking for ways to increase their nest eggs.



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